Grade 6 Two-variable equations worksheets with solutions


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Grade 6

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Worksheets, Printables, Homeschool

CCSS 6.EE.B.5 | CCSS 6.EE.B.6 | CCSS 6.EE.C.9

PDF (20.2 MB | 28 pages → Exercises + Solutions)

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This package allows you to practice the following skills

Does (x,y) satisfy an equation?

Interpret a graph word problems

Writing an equation from a graph using a table

Identifying independent and dependant variables

Finding a value using two-variable equations

Using two-variable equations to find a value word problems

Completing a table for a two-variable relationship

Writing two-variable equations

Identifying the graph of two-variable equations

Graph a two-variable equation

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Grade 6 quick witted daily math practices

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