Grade 6 Two-dimensional figures worksheets with solutions


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Grade 6

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Worksheets, Printables, Homeschool

CCSS 6.G.A.3

PDF (25.1 MB | 38 pages → Exercises + Solutions)

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This package allows you to practice the following skills

Identifying and classifying polygons

Classifying angles

Classifying triangles

Understanding triangle inequality

Identifying trapezoid

Identifying quadrilaterals

Graphing triangles and quadrilaterals

Finding the missing angles in triangles

Finding the missing angles in quadrilaterals

Sums of angles in polygons

Lines, line segments and rays

Name angles

Complementary and supplementary angles

This product is a part of the Mega Pack
* Grade 6 quick-witted daily math practices *

Grade 6 quick witted daily math practices

Identifying complementary, supplementary, vertical, adjacent and congruent angles

Finding measures of different types of angles

Finding lengths and measures of bisected line segments and angles

Identifying the parts of a circle

The central angle of circles

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