Pizza Chef’s Recipe – Count & Mix the Ingredients


Grade Levels
Pre K, Kindergarten, Homeschool

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Game, Printables, Math Centers

PDF (5.32 MB | 01 Pizza box + 01 Recipe-Tray + 110 cards + 06 Dices)

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Pizza Chef’s Recipe Game Objectives

  • Learn to count up to 20 and more
  • Understand 1-20 number to quantities matching
  • Associate numbers with daily activities

Pizza Chef’s Recipe Game – Ingredients Mixing

Pizza Chef's Recipe - Count & Mix the Ingredients

  1. Progressively draw the cards and place it in the ingredients-tray.
  2. As we can see on the image, we have 8 olives, 15 tomato slices and 3 mushrooms.
  3. Next, count each ingredient cards accordingly to the quantities and put them in the pizza-box to make your pizza.

Pizza Chef's Recipe - number counting

Another way to find the quantities of ingredients to cook is by using the dice.
By throwing the 3 dice, we find the quantities that go into the pizza box.

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